Welcome to Renée and the Alligators

In 1959 René and his Alligators was set up by René Nodelijk – one of Holland’s best guitarists according to many music lovers. Then sporting a mega-greased-forelock, he scored many instrumental hits, including all-time radio favourites ‘Guitar boogie’ and ‘In the mood’. Just mentioning René’s name will snap most folks – who are in their fifties – into life.

Through the decades the band has taken on different forms. From instrumental to vocal and from rock n’ roll, via Beatles, Mersey beat, middle of the road to funk. After a number oframbles through musical Holland René Nodelijk eventually met his current other half Renée and, from the late ‘70s onwards, the band continued as Renée: ‘Aha, honey… All right!’ The band achieved much success with numbers such as ‘Sweet nothin’s’, ‘A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on’, ‘Come closer’ and ‘High time he went’ in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. In 1986 they decided to dust off and polish up the old rock ‘n roll songs, performing under the name Renée and the Alligators.

Up to the present day the band is still amazing young and old with their stunning performances. Once again they’re in the spotlight, recently releasing not only an authentic collection of previous work from the instrumental and vocal pioneering period, but also the brand-new Renée collection, including dozens of unreleased bonustracks. Renée and the Alligators revives the distant past, making us yearn again for petticoats and greased forelocks. While the band Renée brings the ‘80s back to life in their own totally unique way: a dash of rock ’n roll with two feet in the here and now.